Saturday, August 15, 2009

Consider Chris Kaman

Love in the Time of Lebron has been on an impromptu hiatus lately, due to the fact that it's the slowest time of the year in basketball and I've been busy with some other stuff, including a bunch of half-finished posts. In the meantime, I would merely ask that you spend some time thinking about talented Clippers center, Chris Kaman. Here are some facts about Chris you might not know: He runs his own trucking business. He is a spokesperson for children misdiagnosed with ADHD. He is fond of archery, military grade firearms, and expensive fireworks.

NOTE: Some of these videos seem to be too big for my cramped narrow-column layout. Watching them at their YouTube home might be best for all parties. Sorry!

Chris Kaman's Backyard Fireworks

Chris Kaman's Weapons Test

Chris Kaman's Trucking, Archery, etc.

The highlight for me is Sam Cassell's response in the last video. Also, I enjoy the fact that the players all seem deeply annoyed by Elie Seckbach. This is just one more thing I share with NBA players.

Anyway, as a bonus, I leave you with the wise words of Business Lebron: "Dunk contests are bourgeois."

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