Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Follow-Ups

Time for a quick break from the season previews to keep you up to date on two interesting threads.

Master of His Domain
Chris Bosh, the new and social media maven and only member of the Toronto Raptors I really like, won a legal struggle with a cyber-squatter. As a result, Chris Bosh now owns The weird side effect is that now Chris Bosh also owns all the other domains that the cyber-squatter had. Chris Bosh now owns,, and in a weird, Raptory twist, TrueHoop has the story. Chris Bosh now joins the esteemed Brotherhood of Domain Dealers, led by Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen, the proud owner of

The Silence of Gilbert Arenas
I love Gilbert Arenas when he is a swaggering and chattering force of nature. But as I mentioned in the Wizards Team Preview (Cold Fusion Edition), Gilbert has been silent so far this season and had vowed to even stop giving interviews. Well, the NBA wasn't going to let that stand and actually fiend Gilbert and the Wizards some odd thousands of dollars for breaking the media access rules. As a result, Gilbert finally spoke and gave an interview that lasted about a minute and a half and included what I am going to interpret as a cheeky meta-aware allusion to being difficult with the media. Other fun details about that interview include how playful his teammates are with each other and the media. Which brings us to the final point: in light of Gilbert Arenas's radio-(near-)silence, Caron Butler is blogging! Any time and NBA player starts blogging, and more importantly, any time a Wizard starts blogging, there is cause for some joy.

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