Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009-10 Team Previews: Atlanta Hawks

Welcome to another wonderful installment in the web's best NBA team previews. So magical that you will be filled with wonder and astonishment and a mystical sense of the magical and mystical magic that is mystic, yet also magic. To check out all the entries in the series, you can click here.

Today, we will be discussing the Atlanta Hawks, a young talented team that has been young, talented, fun, and bursting with promise for a long time. Now, they are ready to collect on that promise.

Team That I Like

Things I Like
I basically really like every single player on this team. No seriously. The rotation is almost entirely unimpeachable. Of their starters, who are you going to criticize? There is no one. Maybe, Marvin Williams? You might, but I would never. I love Marvin Gaye Williams in all of his resplendent nerdiness and soulfulness. Mike Bibby is a consummate professional who is making precisely the correct amount he should be making. Al Horford is a legitimate and talented young center. Joe Johnson and Josh Smith are supremely gifted basketball players. And then you are bringing Jeff Teague, Mo Evans, and Jamal Crawford off the bench? Seriously? That's just beautiful.

This team is young, talented, and more athletic than just about any team they will ever square off against. They have all been fairly seasoned, they have all tasted the play-offs.

Hell, I even happen to think that "Hawks" is one of the better team names.

Things I Don't Like
Mike Woodson is not the best coach in the world and that statement isn't exactly the slightest of understatements.

Something about Zaza Pachulia's game annoys me. I don't know what. I'm intrigued by him because of his Georgian origin, yet it also gives rise to one of the more uncomfortable hypothetical questions in terms of NBA players: If he were alive today, would Stalin claim Pachulia as his favorite player?

Jamal Crawford is the longest tenured player in the NBA who has never tasted the playoffs. Jamal labored with the Bulls during the dark years of the early part of the decade and then played for the Knicks during the height of the Isiah Thomas era. He managed to join the Knicks this year just in time for the post-Baron Davis disintegration of one of the most exciting teams of the decade. Jamal Crawford is a great player who has been stuck on terrible teams. Is Jamal Crawford cursed? It seems fairly likely. Though a cursory (GET IT?!) examination of Jamal's past turns up no evidence of betraying Roma fortune tellers, uncovering pharaoh tombs, or stealing any sort of Tiki-idols, my investigation has been far from exhaustive. The Hawks front office should investigate this to be sure. If ever a player and team deserves to be free of curses it's Jamal Crawford and the Atlanta Hawks

Marvin Gaye Williams will sing the national anthem and simultaneously solve a Rubix cube.

You will still not know who Joe Johnson is. Josh Smith will dunk the moon.

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VerdictWatch every game you can and love this team with few reservations. It's okay to cringe when Josh Smith jacks up threes.

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