Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tall Guys Who Shoot Threes Round-Up

So I know that my blossoming admiration of Channing Frye has caused my focus and priorities to shift a little bit. But here are the simple facts: 1) Channing Frye is just a cool dude who enjoys blogging and this blog in particular. 2) The tall man who shoots the three is the noblest of bench players and they shall be covered ceaselessly on this blog.

It has been brought to my attention, however, that my coverage has ignored a large number of super tall, doofy white dudes who shoot threes and are not Ryan Anderson. I apologize and will now attempt to make up for that.

Matt Bonner, "The Red Rocket", was recently undone by the superior play and blogging of Channing Frye. Frye's reliable play helped the Suns while Bonner's mercurial shooting and terrible defense helped to sink the Spurs. On the other hand, Matt Bonner's blog, Sandwich Hunter: The Quest for the Hoagie Grail, seems to pretty clearly be the second best NBA player blog by virtue of the name alone. As the name suggests, this is a blog about Matt Bonner going to a lot of sandwich shops. And although the name doesn't suggest it at all, this is also where Matt Bonner posts YouTube videos of Grizzly Bear and the Mountain Goats and posts about going to SXSW and meeting up with his "old friends Chris and David from the famed Gorilla vs. Bear music blog." So basically, Matt Bonner was that tall red-headed dude you met at freshman orientation for English majors.

Brian Scalabrine of the Boston Celtics is a lot like Matt Bonner in that he has red hair, is very tall, and loves coming off the bench to shoot threes. Here are some ways that they are different: While Matt Bonner loves indie rock and sandwiches, Brian Scalabrine loves real estate. While Matt Bonner seems to be beloved by his team-mates, Brian Scalabrine is not.

Troy Murphy presumably continues to haunt Thomas's dreams.

Brad Miller is busy working on various television projects. He is presumably hard at work on another season of the famed Brad Miller Show and preparing for his turn on hit Canadian-reality-man-on-a-horse-hunting-you show, "Mantracker". He hasn't let fame go to his head, though. Here is a video of Brad Miller just being Brad Miller: world-class athlete, television star, and a regular dude like you and me.

This has been the Love in the Time of Lebron Tall Guys Who Shoot Threes Round-Up.

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