Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Consider Channing Frye

In the fine tradition of closer looks at Danny Granger and Chris Kaman, Love in the Time of Lebron would like you to consider Channing Frye. You may know Channing Frye from his role-playing heroics as the jump-shooting center of the Suns who recently helped the Suns take a 3-2 lead against the Trailblazers. But what do you really know about Channing Frye? How does even one go about learning more about Channing Frye? Well you read his blog of course!

But, Kellen, I don't have time to read the blog of every bench player / occasional starter in the league? Well, that's what I'm here for. I've read about a year's worth of Channing Frye's blog, and I am prepared to announce that he seems like a pretty cool, easy-going and down-to-Earth guy and, honestly, like a dude who you'd want to hang out with. Or alternately, he kind of seems like dudes you already hang out with. I will present the evidence:

1. Channing Frye has a blog. It's not some slick affair designed to promote his side projects, but rather a charmingly simple yet aesthetically pleasing WordPress joint where he writes about his hobbies and family. It's basically really average for a blog, which, considering that Channing Frye is a millionaire NBA player, is actually extraordinary. He likes to post things like videos of his dog, pictures of dumb tattoos and some tilt-shift short that he thought was neat.

2. Channing Frye writes restaurant reviews and they are actually interesting and a little funny. He likes Noble Rot in Portland, commenting on the "a great mixed crowd: older hipster, parents with babies, newly 30s, yet still cool and in the know, and flat-out retirees". Of Chino Bandido in Phoenix, he writes, "People, it's CHINESE AND MEXICAN. Together. BOOM! That just happened." He also likes some sushi from time to time. Hey you guys, we like sushi and Mexican and Chinese fusion! Channing Frye is just like us!

3. Channing Frye's media tastes, generally rule. He thinks the funniest show on television is Eastbound and Down and can't wait for the second season to come out and really appreciated the dry humor of The Informant. Yep, you and Channing Frye would have a good time watching DVDs. "I would have to say I'm a bit of an action-sci-fi-comedy-kung fu movie enthusiast. The last movie that I'd have to say was legit and that I was pleasantly surprised by was Jet Li's first action movie, the Tai Chi Master dubbed in English (not a big deal)." You know what the best part about that is? How he wants to address your concerns about him watching the dubbed version instead of the subtitled one and let you know he isn't going to be snobby about it.

4. Channing Frye is a nerd. He brags about his World of Warcraft rig and watches anime. Maybe this makes him a little-less relatable than I've been arguing for, but it does take the edge off the whole millionaire and world-class athlete thing.

5. And about that: Channing does talk some about basketball occasionally, but does it in an introspective and humble way. I love his simple explanation of where his there-point shot suddenly and abruptly came from and how much he enjoys playing with Steve Nash (who, you may have heard, was MVP twice despite being ridiculous). All of this just contributes to a picture of Channing Frye as just a swell guy.

Long story short, on the basis of his blog, I like Channing Frye, and, ironically, it's not because he's awesome, but rather because he seems really well-adjusted and reasonably average. I can't help but think, reading his blog, that if I knew Channing Frye, I'd want to be friends with this average, slightly-nerdy dude; that this is what almost any one of my friends would be like if they were in the NBA.

In any case, I guess I'm a Channing Frye fan, and I hope that someday he and Danny Granger can be on the same team, shooting threes, eating fusion cuisine, and playing World of Warcraft.

UPDATE: Channing Frye really is the best. I am definitely a Channing Frye fan now.

Micro-consideration of Sun's roleplayer's blogs not your thing? Rather read the log of my drunk girlfriend's reactions to the NBA play-offs? Of course you would. Well, you are in luck.

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