Saturday, April 10, 2010

On the 2010 College Basketball National Champions

As you might have heard, Duke won the National Championship this year. At first, I felt okay about this: Good on them. As much fun as UNC had kicking their ass up and down the ACC during the Hansbrough years, it's ultimately good that they win some of the time. Duke winning the National Championship is ultimately good for the health and prestige of the rivalry with UNC. I'm happy to admit that, and happy that the rivalry is now even more important.

Speaking of which, I already love Reggie Bullock, Kendall Marshall, and Harrison Barnes on account of some of their trash talking and goofing around at the McDonald's All-American game. They get the rivalry and I love it. Part One and Part Two of DraftExpress's video of the trash talking below, though for what it's worth, if you only watch one, Part Two is the way to go.

Love it.

Bonus rivalry materials: Here's the best profile of Coach K that's ever been written. It's fairly sympathetic, definitely insightful, and honest. Read it if you haven't.

Here is something more noxious: A Duke fan explains the "greatness" of having a white basketball team, the joy of being white man cheering for his white team, and what he feels most simply be the jealousy of other schools who deep in their hearts wish they were in the same situation: glorious white on white action.

Here's a fun quote:
Carolina's Dean Smith, Krzyzewski's arch-nemesis for years, is often credited with leading the drive for racial integration in the state of North Carolina by recruiting black athletes in the '60s. Coach K has achieved much the opposite in creating a singular program in which Anglo-Saxons and Europeans stand tall once again in the game that James Naismith invented.

If you want to vomit, click here to read the article at Alternative right.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, here's a clip from the Daily Show about the attempts to form an all-white basketball league.

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