Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dreaming About Tyler Hansbrough

I'd mentioned in the past that I am interested in collecting your basketball player dreams. This is still true. The current winner of the Bizarrely Occupying All of Our Dreams Award is Tyler Hansbrough who's featured in an alarming number of accounts of dreams that I've collected. This is apparently not uncommon.

Anyway, I hope to hear more accounts of dreams about Tyler Hansbrough or any other basketball player. You should send your dreams to

Special Dream Correspondent Elizabeth dates Tyler in hers:

In my dream, Tyler Hansbrough and I met-cute somewhere on campus and got to talking, and I realized that he was actually reserved and quite intelligent, and tired of people only liking him because of basketball. He found it refreshing that I didn't really know anything about basketball. We started dating and the rest of the dream was just us going about our campus lives together-- eating at the dining hall, browsing the new releases at the bookstore, walking to class. Lots of other girls were incredulous that we were dating, and by the end of the dream I was considering breaking up with him, just because it was stressful to have everyone look at me all the time and make judgments.

Again, please, please send your dreams about Tyler Hansbrough or other basketball players to

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