Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stephon Marbury Wants to Talk to You (No, Really)

I keep holding off on writing my great big Stephon Marbury melts down live in front of everyone entry because the story keeps evolving. About an hour ago, Starbury took it to the next level by posting his cell phone number on Twitter and yes, really answering people's calls. He now joins Mike Jones in the illustrious category of celebrities who's cell phone numbers I have in my phone. I haven't gotten through yet, but maybe you can get a hold of him. Heres the message he posted on his Twitter:

A lot of people where asking for a hot line number. Well here it is. Call me anytime. Love is love. I love you more then you know 9179237775

Let me know if you get through, and for reference, here is my Twitter. Below I will post updates and reference links to those looking for all things Starbury Meltdown.

Starbury Meltdown Roundup
This all started with the 24-hour, live streaming Marburython, so first thing's first: Here is his channel with some delightful archived clips.

Here is the account of the events by the paper of record, and thus, how the event will be remembered by history. Here is another newspaper account.

Here are a couple Internet people trying to make sense of what exactly it was that they saw. Here are some brief bewildered accounts at Fanhouse and Bleacher Report.

Here are two sweet transcripts/live-blogged accounts of what exactly went down at the Marburython. Here is a nice one from NBA Musings and a really thorough account by the good folks at Inside Hoops.

So the Marburython ended, but then a funny thing happened. Stephon Marbury just kept streaming. As I'm writing this, he is streaming here.

Some people took a thoughtful approach, notably, Bethlehem Shoals and Joey from Straight Banging on Free Darko in the context of larger issues. Ziller had at least one nice piece on Fanhouse. Although, as I mentioned, the best thing I've read happens to have been written before the Marburython ever happened.

The folks at ESPN took a tragic, finger-waving angle on the matter. J. A. Adande gets sanctimonious, though I'm sure he means well. Scoop Jackson takes a pretty direct approach in his column called "Someone save Stephon Marbury," ending, honest-to-God with the line: "Now, I'm concerned."

The fans in the chatrooms and on Twitter seem much less concerned with his career and seem honestly, earnestly, delighted that he is reaching out to to be our very own Most Valuable Person. Steph might be destroying his career, and the fickle fans might soon turn on him, but right now Starbury is a folk hero and absolutely the man of the people.

More updates in this space as I learn more.

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