Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 Season Preview: Golden State Warriors

It's time for the Love in the Time of LeBron 2010 Season Team Previews. You know how we do. Next up, everyone's favorite irrepressible scamp, the Golden State Warriors

The Aftermath of Revolution

Why We Care
For years, Nelly ran the unique talents of far too many players in the ground. He shackled bright lights to the bench, and he started Corey Maggette and Stephen Jackson at power forward. Nelly was an icon and a genius, but in the last few years, it really seemed like he was playing out his end of a dare/bar bet that had to do with how much he could get away with before he got fired. Now, he is gone. The Warriors get to start over. Will they still be the high-octane, trigger happy scoundrels of days past? Almost certainly. Will it finally all make sense? Maybe. We put a lot of hope in that maybe.

Significant Beards
Charlie Bell: Goatee. Slightly diabolical. Beelzebaby.
Rodney Carney: Sloppy. Soul patch may be unintentional.
Dan Gadzuric: Unnatural stubble. Facial crop circles?
Brandan Wright: Either cleft goatee, or chin wings.
Dorell Wright: Like the rebel insignia. Nerd alert: high.

Guiding Text
Studies in Word Association

If They Were A Small Woodland Creature They Would Be...

LeBron on the Warriors
LeBron watched the light come in through the window. It wavered, shifted. On the floor he watched the refractory patterns dance as the sunlight slowly dimmed. Eventually it was gone and they were left with nothing but the soft fluorescence of the cabin lights. LeBron looked around him. The cabin wasn’t private or even first class and so the ex-urban dads gawked with their wide-eyed sons. No one had asked for his autograph yet, but that was not too far off. He didn’t mind. The ride wasn’t that long and after all that had happened, taking the time for an autograph seemed like such a small thing.

Sometimes LeBron thought about his Hummer, the one he had gotten before he entered the draft. He thought about all the private planes, the ones the Cavaliers had, Sean’s plane, the ones he’d only been in once. It had seemed so important then to travel that way. He smiled. One of the littlest boys was getting a pen from his father. He looked a little like Bryce, his own son. The boy hesitated, still too shy to approach, his father trying to gently prod him. LeBron looked out the window. They were getting close. A school of fish flitted away revealing the landing dome and the landing port. LeBron looked back at the boy. He was heading towards him, slowly, tentatively. LeBron tried a welcoming smile.

Rosetta Stone
This pretty much explains it.

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